5 killed, 13 sustain injuries in accident on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

The bodies of the five reported dead from the accident have been deposited at a morgue while survivors receive care.


A bus returning from Ibadan railed off its lane and rammed into a static truck parked by the road side, the FRSC representative told the News Agency of Nigeria in an interview.

“The corpses of the victims had been deposited at the mortuary in Ipara General Hospital, while the survivors are also receiving treatment at Sagamu and Victory Hospital, Ogere," disclosed Oladele.

This is not voodoo


In a Nigerian society that values myths and spiritual mystery, the accident can be easily attributed to an evil attack from one's enemies based on its simplicity regardless caused the loss of lives on the eve of the year 2018.

Some may even argue that those who died had reached the end of their sojourn on earth, but it is basically a lack of  zeal to enforce road safety guidelines.

In view of state of the economy, a lot of people, based on an intention to conserve money may possibly delay a car servicing in order to meet other financial obligations.

A certain Mr. X had not serviced his vehicle since the last quarter of a previous year. Who knows if he will be struggling with a faulty car steering when a petrol tank is lying by the edge of the road? A possibility of this abounds on Nigerian roads which have seen quite a lot of deaths due to poor driving etiquette, ignorance and infrastructural short-sightedness, to be blamed on the past governments.


The aggression observed on roads have raised questions regarding the mental health of Nigerians who have endured prolonged sufferings due to the failings of their leaders. Their impatience has manifested in driving as seen in some motorists who are often in a hurry and never shy when it concerns a quest to beat the red light.

Perhaps, a mental health test should be insisted upon when accepting an application for a driver's license. This is because it has become of the utmost importance to inquire about the sanity of road users. The driving culture in Nigeria needs a total revamp.

No more should the system permit lawlessness from individuals.

A maintenance of law and order is a major yard in managing human behaviour in the present modern world. Ensuring the availability of incorruptible officers is also of high importance.

The Nigerian Police Force is currently facing intense criticism from the public due to the conduct of its personnel especially members of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) who have been accusing of robbery as well as murder.


Road users in Nigeria need to know that they will not get away with an offence if found culpable. Knowing this will instill good behaviour due to a fear of consequence.

With the current exploits of Governor Rotimi Ambode in respect to expanding road connectivity, maybe Nigeria is just starting to feel modern.

The privileges of having  a life of fulfillment is quite realizable as soon as those in power start to display a strong desire to manage the people which could mean proving to be a responsible government.



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