Pastor “rubs woman’s clitoris anti-clockwise” as her husband makes love to her (video)

It is becoming clear that desperation can bring out the worst in people, and they will do just anything to get what they want at any point in time, and probably regret later upon hindsight.

Pastor “rubs woman’s clitoris anti-clockwise as her husband makes love to her (video)

As society keeps piling pressure on the youth to get married, the next problem ahead of them when they have finally got somebody hastily to tie the knot with, is childbirth.


Barrenness is one of the biggest marital problems couples dread so much because it casts a slur on either the manhood of the man or the womanhood of his wife.

Some pastors are therefore taking advantage of some of these vulnerabilities to exploit desperate men and women, promising to give them children.


A viral video alleged to have emerged from South Africa shows a pastor in a bedroom with a couple, rubbing their genitals as they lay face up, all in the bid to make them conceive.

It is alleged that the unnamed man of God is noted for watching couples have sex, and sometimes get involved personally by rubbing the woman’s clitoris while her husband focuses on the thrusting.

The video was posted on Instagram by tundeednut with a caption: “Check out this Ogbologbo pastor. He prays for couples to have children. My guy touches their private parts while he prays for me. Sometimes he stands there to watch them have sex. He was even rubbing the woman’s clitoris anti-clockwise.”

Watch the video below:



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