An autRicksaw driver is suing Bangladeshi film star Shakib Khan, for incidentally

According to, the plaintiff claims that ever since the film launched, he has been receiving phone calls from the actor’s female fans, which caused significant disruption to his life.

The film, titled Rajneeti, was released on June 25, 2017.

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It is reported that during one of the scenes with his onscreen love interest, the actor recited his character’s phone number.

Though the number was made up from randomly chosen digits, it coincidentally happened to be the actual phone number of Ijajul Mia, an auto-rickshaw driver from the Jatrapasha village, in Baniachang Upazila.

The driver claims that the mention of his number in the film has since troubled his life.

Mia claims within a five-day period in July, he received over 500 calls from women who were after the popular and rich actor.

“Every day I got hundreds of calls, mostly from female fans of Shakib Khan,” Mr. Mia told the AFP news agency.“They would say ‘Hello Shakib, I am your fan. Do you have two minutes to talk to me?'”

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The plaintiff also claimed that the calls are so frequent sometimes that it now poses danger his young marriage.

“I am a newly-married man with one daughter and hen these calls started coming, my wife thought that I was having an affair,” the driver said.

He has filed a case against Khan, as well as the film director Bulbul Biswas and producer Ashfaq Ahmad for using his personal information without permission, according to

The driver is seeking a damage of five million takas ($60,000) as he accuses the filmmakers of causing him financial damage, claiming he now “spends most of his day receiving calls.”

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Mr. Mia’s lawyer, MA Majid said “It was a fraudulent act to publicize a personal phone number without permission. Until we have settled the case, we have requested to stop the screening of the film.”

The case, according to will be heard by a district judge on December 18, 2017. However, far Khan has not responded to the claims yet.