Nonfunctional traffic lights, disregard for traffic regulations, deplorable roads among others which used to cause road accidents in Ghana are no more the only causes of late.

The Tema Regional Motor Traffic and Transport Directorate (MTTD) has observed that ladies dressed in skimpy dresses have also been attracting the attention of drivers, causing avoidable accidents.

The police boss advised ladies that: “when you dress, dress moderately. If you are in your car, fine.”

“Some of them, too deliberately, they want to walk on the streets perambulating – they’ll go to the other end and come back doing nothing,” he lamented.

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To avoid such unexplainable road accidents, Chief Supt. Joseph Owusu Bempah cautioned that: “Drivers who have been watching women, they should stop. When they see a beautiful woman on the road, instead of driving past, they want to slow down and watch, and sometimes they hit… When you say it sometimes they think it’s a joke, it’s not a joke at all.”

He further revealed that: “There was a programme that we did, we invited the drivers and it was one of their main concerns; that the women dress [skimpily].”

Apparently speaking from experience, he lamented that: “You see, you can be focused but when you are driving and you see somebody with that tight something, [As] a normal human being, you’ll watch because Ghanaians like watching things… You can be focused but it’s not everybody that will be focused. You will be focused [but] another person will look and come and hit. And they have been killing people. Sometimes the accidents that happen, you can’t imagine how [they happen]. The person is driving, he was not speeding, how come the car somersaulted; how come he hit another person? These are some of the distractions.”