Saudi Arabia is a prison; my dad disagreed but I didn’t listen – Lady tells her sad story (video)

A Ghanaian lady who returned from Saudi Arabia has recounted her heartbreaking experience in that country, saying that she has regretted disobeying her father.

Saudi Arabia is a prison; my dad disagreed but I didn’t listen – Tearful lady tells her story

According to her, she signed a two-year contract to be a food nutritionist in Saudi Arabia after the agent promised her many benefits that would change her life for good when she returned to Ghana.

Before she left Ghana, she was told that she would be a cook in the house, but when she got to Saudi Arabia, she was forced to do a lot of cleaning with little or no time to rest.

Speaking in an interview with SVTV Africa, Naomi said: “I completed SHS on May 11, 2013. In July that same year, I travelled though mum told me she wouldn’t let me go. She told me I would be treated badly.

“She told me there is too much workload and I wouldn’t be clothed well. They wouldn’t want me to look beautiful. My dad also disagreed but I didn’t listen. I heard many stories but I pleaded with my parents and only my mum agreed.

“Saudi is a prison. If you are not lucky you will come back with nothing… I know someone who went there and never left till their two-year contract passed. They do not have feelings for you and I will never advise anyone to go there [SIC].

After my two-year stay, my boss and his wife didn’t want me to come back to Ghana but they knew I had a child in Ghana to take care of which wasn’t true.

“They only agreed to let me come back after I spent another six months with them and with another condition that I will return to them after I spend two months in Ghana. So they bought a return ticket for me but I never went back.


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