The view above is an inference from Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli’s advise to one of his ministers to smoke marijuana to enable him discharge his duties fearlessly.

The controversial president known globally as a dictator was of the view that his Water and Irrigation Minister, Makame Mbarawa is too lenient with workers under his ministry, for which reason some critical projects have been delaying.

According to, Magufuli recommended the narcotic herb to Mbarawa after inspecting water and irrigation projects and launching a road in Njombe, Igawa area, some of which fall under the purview of the minister.

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The president is quoted as saying: ''I just heard there was money set aside for these projects but nothing is being done on the ground. There was a time I visited the lake area and found out that there was nothing even after disbursing TSh 400 million and TSh 800 million consecutively, still no water.”

Apparently being fed up with the water shortage in certain parts of the east African country despite huge investments, Magufuli though marijuana could be a good antidote to his minister’s inefficiency.

''Now, Minister I would like to please ask you to be harsh when it comes to dispensing your duties. If you want and can, smoke bhang, smoke it in secrecy if need be so that they cannot see you. That way you will be harsh to the engineers when you go to inspect government projects,'' he told the minister.