Indian man born with 4 legs branded a devil by kinsmen (Video)

An Indian man who was born with a rare condition of having two extra legs is being branded a devil by his people.

Arun Rajput is now seen as the devil by his kinsmen

An unfortunate man in India who was born with two extra legs, has been branded a devil by his village people and forced to become a a recluse.


According to Daily Mail, 20-year-old Arun Rajput's condition believed to be that of an undeveloped parasitic twin, and the son of  poor farmers is desperately in need of money for surgery to remove the extra legs so he can live a normal life, get a good education and fulfil his dream of becoming a teacher.

Rajput, from a remote village in Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh, northern India,  is really suffering because the extra limbs mean he can't sit properly and has to have tailor-made trousers.


His condition is making him very sad as many villagers have said his family was cursed because of the unusual defect.

"People laugh at me. They say I am a devil. I want to do normal things and be treated like a normal person," the sad man said.

"His 45-year-old mother, Lila Devi, said she could not believe her eyes when Rajput was born.

"He was born after 12 years of my marriage. When he was born, he was very weak. We took him to many doctors but no one took the guarantee.


People call him bad names. It hurts me most when they call him devil. He is a very gentle child. He is very hard-working and wants to live a respectable life. I hope he gets rid of the extra limbs and can be one of us."

Watch the video here.



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