A Kumasi high court Judge was taken aback when a prisoner seeking freedom could not recite the Lord’s Prayer to regain his liberation.

A report by Starrfmonline.com indicated that the convict, Owusu Ansah was handed a 4-year jail term about two years ago for stealing, and he has been appealing the sentence.

Reports say the judge was so surprised that he did not mince his words when he described the prisoner as “stupid” in open court.

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Starrfmonline.com said the said judge is known for giving convicts the opportunity to recite the Lord’s Prayer or the national anthem in order to be freed from prison and December 21 was no exception.

The high court presided over by Justice Wilson, reduced jail term from 4 years to 3 months, according to adomonline.com.

It is not clear if Owusu Ansah would really have had his freedom if he had recited the Lord’s Prayer, but as it stands now he is currently spending another three months in prison.