“Taking HIV meds every morning and evening is a trigger” – Pretty lady raped on the first day of 2020

Imagine that you were living a clean life and probably abstaining from sex and then some unscrupulous person carrying HIV virus would rape and infected you with the virus.

“Taking HIV meds every morning and evening is a trigger” – Pretty lady raped on the first day of 2020

That is the sad story of a young South African girl identified as Mandisa Makubu who is now on antiretroviral drugs after being raped on the first day of January this year.

The lady took to her social media platform to narrate her ordeal, saying she chose to go public with it to help her heal from the trauma.

“Taking HIV meds every morning and evening is a trigger. I’m sharing so I can heal.

“I was raped on 01/01/2020,” she wrote on Twitter.

Sexual violence in South Africa is so prevalent that officials say over 41,000 people were raped in the country from April 2018, amounting to more than one rape every 15 minutes.

Last year, the Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu lamented the canker bitterly, suggesting some measures described by some human right activists as draconian.

“Information shows that 41% of people raped in the country are children, and of these crimes only 4% are prosecuted. Why such a small percentage?

“This means that people are not being prosecuted. There is something wrong somewhere in our country or the leadership,” the angry king said.

He suggested castration of perpetrators of sexual violence especially against females, saying “Since we do circumcision, this time we have to go beyond (in cutting). We should do this as part of honouring King Shaka who made the laws, the nation and respect. We should restore respect”.

Mandisa’s heartbreaking story triggered reactions on social media with some users sympathising with her.


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