Form 3 student in police grips for stabbing math teacher to death with compass

Remember how you were never happy with your mathematics teacher especially when you could not understand his lessons?

Bloody knife

The superfluity of that bitterness compelled a final year Senior High School student of a Government High School in Nkolbisson, Cameroon to stab his teacher with a compass, leading to his death.

The 15-year-old boy reportedly threatened to kill the teacher after an argument had ensued between the two in class.

The deceased teacher identified as 26-year-old Njomi Tchakounte Boris Kevin had tried to discipline the pupil after noticing during while teaching that he was not paying attention.

The boy then grew rebellious and what was meant to be a disciplinary action turned bloody as the pupil reportedly pulled out a compass from his uniform and stabbed the teacher.

The poor teacher was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment but he did not survive.

The youngster is reportedly in police custody assisting with the investigation.


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