Reports say Joseph Korley Tetteh is originally a draftsman but began manufacturing bicycles in 2009 which he has been doing over the period before he recently created what he referred to as a ‘paddle car’.

The CEO of Seek Ye Bikes told SVTV Africa in an interview that his invention would be useful at tourist attraction centers where tourists could use it to move around for sightseeing as well as in big organisations.

“I wanted to create something tourists could move around in when they visited our tourist sites and for large facilities or institutions. It is similar to a bicycle but it has a steering wheel, looks and feels like a car,” he told DJ Nyaami.

However, his challenge has been the lack of funds to invest in his manufacturing to boost production capacity and probably marketing to properly brand and make his products appealing.

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“These are prototypes, so I only manufacture on requests. If I get investors or partners to support financially, I will begin mass production,” Joseph Korley Tetteh said.

For now, according to him, photographers and video directors sometimes pick it up for photo and video shoots without a fee, which suggests that with a little push the young man could be cashing in on his talent soon because people seem to be in love with his craft.

Interestingly, he said every part of the ‘paddle car’ is made of wood except the tyres.