A few days ago, Mr. Kenyatta told a gathering of Kenyans that he would not hand over the presidency to any thief but failed to specifically mention anybody’s name.

This time around, he directly accused Mr. Ruto of doublespeak, triggering speculations that his previous comment might be targeted at him too.

According to Tuko.co.ke, without mincing his words, he dared Ruto to walk out of the government and chart his own course if he is no longer committed to the Jubilee administration which he has been part of since 2013.

In an apparent reference to the DP and his Tanga Tanga brigade, Uhuru said it was ridiculous for one to boast of the governing Jubilee party's successes on one hand but trash-talk it on the other, the news website reported.

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"There is no need to incite Kenyans against one another. You speak from the two sides of the mouth that the government is bad yet you take credit for what we have achieved as a government. How many governments do we have? Isn't it one? If you see the good be part of it, if you only see the bad, walk out and leave for others. Let's respect each other," he stated.

Mr. Kenyatta was reportedly speaking in Kabete during the official opening of Uthiru-Muthua Health Centre and Muthua Community Water Supply Project on Friday, February 12 when he launched the attacks on his deputy who is seeking to succeed him.

He reiterated his resolve to fulfill his promises to the Kenyans before his term of office ends in 2022. He further asked the citizenry to support the constitutional reforms which are currently being fronted through the Building Bridges Initiative.

"Let's support BBI so that we do not have ourselves to blame. I have not come here for you to praise me, I'm here to tell you the truth. We said our agenda was to work and deliver to you. BBI is not about an individual, it is for you. We want to see every child get a bursary of a similar amount just like the rest. If we increase CDF allocation, will I have said something wrong?" he added.