According to the head pastor of Grace Mountain Ministries, Pastor Elvis Agyemang, there are ten attributes men must look out for when they are considering a woman for marriage to avoid having to divorce in the future.

He acknowledged that it might not be couples’ intention to divorce but certain attitudes may necessitate it if attention is not paid to them at the beginning of their courtship before finally deciding to get married.

In his view, it is better to cancel the wedding a week or two days before the ceremony than to try to avoid embarrassment by tying the knot which may later result in a bigger shame with many complex issues.

A video that was uploaded to social media shows Pastor Elvis Agyemang listing the following women as not worthy of marriage:

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1. Men must avoid chatter or blabber.

2. Avoid a woman who is not secretive.

3. Avoid a manipulative woman.

4. Avoid a liar.

5. Men must avoid a woman who would do anything for money but hardly knows how to create wealth.

6. Avoid a woman who does not trust your leadership.

7. Avoid a woman who does not know how to apply wisdom in correcting your mistakes.

8. Avoid a rebellious and disrespectful woman.

9. Avoid a woman who is into fornication.

10. Avoid a home breaker.

Since it is not only men who must do due diligence before marriage, probably, Pastor Elvis Agyemang will be coming out with another list that women must be guided by when making their choices, if he has not done so already.