A TV presenter with an ‘overdrive’ libido has shocked his viewers after he came on live TV with a good strong boner. 

Although he tried to conceal it in the beginning by covering his erection with his hand. But this position became uncomfortable in his presentation of the news and thus he had to take his hand off. 

And what greeted his audience was a fully hardened boner. Nevertheless, he was able to deliver despite the obviously awkward position he found himself in.  

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This situation is what we call ‘random erections’. Random erections are normal especially in young adults and adolescents where it manifests itself when they wake up (known as nocturnal penile tumescence). Quite a number of men may have severe conditions of this which could lead to very embarrassing situations for them. 

A random erection usually occurs ‘out of nowhere’ without any sexual (physical or physiological) stimulation. Fortunately, these are entirely healthy and do not depict any health issues. And has been linked to possible fluctuations in testosterone.