A young man from India is making headlines with his unusual skill which enables him peel the husk of coconuts with his teeth without the use of cutlass.

Ajay Singh Sisodia of the Hapur district in Uttar Pradesh who has now been nicknamed 'Coconut Boy' claims to have gotten inspiration from a similar skill displayed on Television when he was younger.

In this era when oddity has become a blessing rather than shame, many people are doing crazy things, just to catch the attention of the world and eventually make their way into the Guinness World Book of Records.

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In the case of Ajay Singh Sisodia, peeling the coconut with his teeth in itself is not as shocking as the fact that he is able to peel six of the fruits and drink the juice within one minute.

This man peels six coconuts with his teeth within 1 minute

As if there are no cutlasses in that part of the world, Ajay Singh Sisodia’s father is reported to have said that some neighbours come to his son to peel coconuts for them for ritual and festival purposes.