Video: Wife ceases car husband bought for 'side chick'

A side chick’s dream of finally becoming a car owner was short-lived when her boyfriend’s side ceased the car from her.

Side chick and wife saga

Unfortunately sharing her good news on social media after graduating to being a car owner turned out to be a bad move when ‘Madam’ came charging for the car. 

The video shows the 'side chick' and her friend being dragged out of the car by the wife and her friends. Clearly, the 'side chick' gang were outnumbered by the wife and her friends which showed why little resistance came from the end of the 'side chick'. 

A team member from the wife’s camp could be heard saying, “Kenny get out now! Don’t even try it. Get out of the car. Please move away from the car.”

After dragging the young girls from the car, the older women sat inside and drove away. 

The issue of cheating husbands and who is to blame is quite controversial. A 'side chick' is the mistress or girlfriend of a married man. Whilst some may suggest the wife leave the girls out of it and deal with her husband. Others think it is right for her to attack the side chick. 

What do you think? 


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