Even if you may not have experienced it, you must have either seen it in the movies, read it on some book or heard friends talk about it.

Not much research has been done about squirting and how it happens is also some sort of mystery. Even women who squirt cannot explain how it happens but one thing that they agree with is that the feeling is out of this world. Maybe, we can closely associate it to the male ejaculation.

You might have heard different people say different things about the whole thing. But let’s try and burst some common myths associated to squirting.

1. It’s not real

If you have never squirted, probably it’s not your thing. But don’t be fooled that it only happens in the movies because real women in real life are squirting. The only difference is that the kind of squirting you see in porn is somehow exaggerated.

2. It’s same as seminal fluid

The fluid produced during squirting and what men produce during ejaculation are completely different things. According to study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the fluid produced when squirting closely resembles urine.

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3. You must have sex to squirt

You actually do not need to have sex for you to squirt. In fact, all you need is sexual arousal. Whether it’s through use of toys, fingers or oral sex, they are enough to make you squirt. Some women squirt through masturbation.

4. Squirting is peeing

While it may have a close resemblance to pee, they are different things altogether. While pee is a body waste, what you produce during squirting is female ejaculate.

5. All women can squirt

So your man has been pressuring you to squirt? Well, tell him to give you a break and do less of porn stuff. Not every woman can squirt although there are no studies to explain the disparities surrounding squirting.