Shower sex is not for everyone. Some like it. Others? Not so much.

First of all, there's not so much space plus, we black girls have to think about our hair and how to not get it wet. Let's not also forget there's always the possibility of falling down and hurting yourself badly. Imagine your cause of death being "She fell in the bathroom while receiving mad strokes" heh. Anyway, to be honest, shower sex can be great. There's nothing more romantic than scrubbing your partner and having him reciprocate, kissing each others' wet bodies and enjoying some wet sex. But, how can you make it a less clumsy and more enjoyable experience? We have the low-down:

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1. First, make sure your bathroom has a non-slip mat.

Again, you don't wanna slip and possibly crack your skull all in the name of coitus.

2. Ensure the water temperature is well regulated before jumping in.

You know how you jump in the shower and the minute you switch on the water it's boiling hot? You definitely don't wanna end up burning yourself or just killing the mood when you're in the heat of the moment but suddenly you have to attend to the water temperature.

3. Avoid complex styles.

Lifting each other and what not; this is not the time, especially considering you don't have that much space as most bathrooms have just enough space. You could try doggie or standing positions. Do ensure that you're holding on to something such as the wall or the tap for proper support, yeah you gotta do what you gotta do hehe.

4. Keep it short and sweet...

Shower sex gotta be a quickie as it's not even the most comfortable sex out there plus you gotta conserve the water and electricity bill. Aye, you're living in Kenya remember? When you're slapped with an electricity bill of 20k, don't start complaining you were duped by KPLC...

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5. Lock the door.

If you live with roomies, it's important to ensure that the door is locked to avoid people walking in on you.

6. Avoid leaning on the door.

It could break especially if its the glass doors which are not particularly the most secure.

7. Wash each other.

Don't just start by penetrating. It's going to be painful. Get into the mood by kissing, touching, scrubbing each other and once the mood is set, enjoy the quickie. Again, no weird styles, keep it quick and simple. Once through, clean up, pat each each other dry.

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