What people really think about new MacBook

Apple's new MacBook has people talking but not for the right reason, find out what people really think about it.

Whenever something new comes up, it is normal for people to either hate or like it as human beings are insatiable and incapable of being contented.

The MacBook was released on Monday and while it seemed like everyone was blown away, people are beginning to show their true feelings.

“Seriously, fuck them,” read a tweet by M.J., referring to Apple concerning the new MacBook the company recently announced.

There are countless other tweets and comments with the same sentiment as there seems to be a visceral hate directed at the company.


A huge amount of consumers feel betrayed by the stark design of the new MacBook as it has only one port and has more in common with a tablet than a laptop.

The new MacBook joins the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. It’s not a replacement for either, at least not yet, but it bears a nameplate previously retired: MacBook.

It’s not an Air, it’s not a Pro, it’s just a MacBook, which was long the company’s stalwart against Microsoft.

Apple is known for taking a lot of risks without taking the costumers' feelings in consideration, like with the original MacBook Air, but to their credit, it has been paying off for them.

Truth be told, if it were a different company like HP or Lenovo, that released something like this, the result would have been a lot different but Apple has its name and brand, so, it can afford to do unexpected things like this.


Let us what you really think about the new MacBook.


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