Are women more compassionate than men? (Pulse Contributor’s Opinion)

Stereotypically, women are considered to be emotional and caring while men are portrayed as less emotional. Dalai Lama, a meditation expert has been engaging scientists to study his argument that women are more compassionate than men. The majority of people agree with him.

Are women more compassionate than men?

However, psychologists do not accept this claim because they say there isn’t much data to back it. Our brain controls the emotions of both genders. It is difficult to distinguish a male brain from that of a female’s because they are almost the same.

The only difference is with the thickness of the structure (corpus callosum) that joins the two hemispheres of the brain. Females have it thicker than males, but it doesn’t play a role in emotions. Scientists have found that compassion is instinctual and developed from birth in both genders. We all have that natural urge to help anyone suffering and animals even exhibit it to take care of the young ones. So compassion occurs naturally in both sexes.

But what about all those videos showing women crying to the same thing men are unmoved about? That is caused by the system of society. As a girl child, do you remember when your mum bought you that doll? She told you to nurse it and care for it. As a boy child, do you remember when your dad bought that toy gun? He told you to shoot and kill bad people with it. In both cases, the emotion encourages are different. The girl child is expected to be compassionate while the boy is encouraged to be violent and less emotional. The normalization of this by society has somehow influenced both genders.

Society has also tuned people’s minds that men are supposed to be tough and never cry. Females are made to believe they have to be soft and compassionate to be a “real woman”. Honestly, it has done more harm than good. It has encouraged males to not show compassion even if they feel it.

So naturally, both genders are compassionate at the same level. But societal influence has made females show more compassion than males.

Prince Afram.

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