5-minute nighttime beauty routine every girl must follow

Bedtime is the perfect time to let your skin repair and rejuvenate with these simple tips.

Ghanaian model, Victoria Michaels

Before you jump on the bed to watch your favorite TV shows, reply social media messages and plan for the next day, make sure to follow these simple tips for a beautiful skin.

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  • Makeup Removal

Never sleep with your makeup one. If you are feeling too lazy to shower, use makeup wipes to remove the makeup.

Your eye area is the sensitive skin on your face and is also this first area to show aging. Avoid having to scrub and tug at this gentle area by using a dissolving eye makeup remover and a cotton pad, few makeups removing wipes are saturated with enough product to be effective in this way.

  • Cleanser

A water-based cleanser is necessary to lift and remove water-based free radical damaging agents at the end of the day.

  • Toner

Applying toner at night balances skin pH and preps it for all of the ingredients and formulas that follow. After patting skin dry with a towel, apply a quarter-sized amount of product by pressing it onto your face, not swabbing it on with a cotton pad.

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  • Oil

Applying an oil overnight will enable the skin to combat the overproduction of sebum and pore-clogging oil that leads to the breakouts, blackheads, and enlarged pores of combination and oily skin. Dry and sensitive skin will also greatly benefit from the additional moisture.


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