4 reasons why women love using garlic

Garlics fights the free radicals in the skin and keeps skin firm and younger.



Its anti-oxidant properties kill bacteria effectually. Rub sliced garlic on the affected area. Or else, crush some cloves of garlic and apply its juice on the acne prone skin. Wait for five minutes to do away with the unsightly blemishes.

Cures cold sore

Garlic is an antiviral ingredient that treats cold sores effectually. Just apply oil of crushed garlic cloves on the affected area for a few days until you get rid of them.


Promotes hair growth

Garlic is enriched with copper, which strengthens the roots and increases the blood flow to the hair follicles.

Add garlic to your shampoo or conditioner. Do this not more than two times a month.



Dandruff is a very common problem. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of garlic work well to treat the itchy scalp and excessive dandruff. Apart from this, the sulfur component in garlic prevents infection and reduces the severity of dandruff.

Treats hair loss

Rubbing slices of garlic cloves on your scalp increases the blood circulation and help you get rid of hair fall. Besides, soak some garlic pods in olive oil for a week. Use this oil for hair massage to effective results.


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