Big Booty Ranking: Top 10 countries where women have the biggest butts

Which countries have women with the biggest butts?

Countries with women with the biggest butts in the world [freepik]

A new study by market research company GitNux revealed the average hip size for women in 17 countries. Average hip size is a general indicator of butt size.

1. South Africa takes the crown with an impressive average hip size of 41.73 inches. This is hardly surprising as South African women are known to be curvaceous.

2. Argentina is the 2nd at 41 inches, perhaps because of the prevalence of plastic surgery especially the Brazilian Butt Lift.


3. Sweden is perhaps most unexpected, coming in third with an average of 40.9 inches, even though is their women have stereotype of tall, slender bodies.

4. Greece has an average hip size of 40.74.

5. Germany follows closely at 40.6 inches.

6. The US falls just short, coming in at number six with an average of 40.2 inches.


7 and 8. Russia and Italy both have the same average. 40.55 inches.

9. Australian women boast of 40.5 inches hip size.

10. The Netherlands rounds up the top 10 with 40 inches.

Nigeria was number 13 with an average of 38.56 inches. India boasts of the most slender hips at just 36.1 inches on average. This is because India's has the second-lowest obesity rate globally.

The list is surprising since African women are known for having a big booty. While the study doesn't state the exact reasons behind these rankings, researchers suggest a combination of factors could be at play. Factors like national obesity rates, plastic surgery trends and even the bone structure of different populations influenced the ranking.


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