Hepatitis B is a

Some individuals have no symptoms, some experience only the initial infection, but others remain chronically infected, as the virus continues to attack the liver over time without being detected. Irreversible liver damage can result.

  • Sexual contact

One can easily get hepatitis B through unprotected sex with an infected partner when blood, saliva, semen or vaginal secretions enter your body.

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  • Mother to child

Pregnant women who are infected with Hepatitis B can pass on the infection to their babies. This can, however, be prevented if the newborn baby is vaccinated.

  • Using unsterilized equipment

Having a tattoo, body piercing, or medical or dental treatment done in an unhygienic environment with unsterilized equipment.

  • Blood transfusion

Relatives of patients must ensure blood tests properly before giving approval for it to be used during emergencies. One can easily get hepatitis B through a blood transfusion from an infected person.

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  • Sharing contaminated personal articles

Sharing toothbrushes or razors contaminated with infected blood can transmit Hepatitis B.