Meet Instagram trending beauty fad, Multi-masking

Meet the latest trending beauty technique; Multi- Masking!

Multi-masking illustration

Every time something trends especially on Instagram but this time a beauty trend called Multi-masking!

Before now, strobing came, followed by baking or cooking the skin, after then came clown contouring right now it's Multi-masking!

Multi masking simply involves applying more than one type of mask, usually simultaneously and on different parts of your face as the name suggests.

It's a new fad on social media (Instagram especially) and it's totally 'Instagrammable' because it comes off colourful!

It's simple though, it's what's obtains in a situation where you apply different types of masks to parts of the face; for example using a nose pore strip, a hydrogel lip mask and a peel off mask and more on the face will definitely makeup the trending beauty fad.

Check out what it looks like above. Will you be Instagramming your own multi-masking selfie soon?

Watch a strobing technique below.


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