Top 5 beauty trends of the year

2015 witnessed loads of beauty trends that were creative as well as functional, these ones were popular and were spot on! Peep top beauty trends off #PulseList 2015


The year witnessed a lot of beauty trends, hacks and more techniques that became popular.

While a lot of these trends looks like they've come to stay (hey Highlights and strobing!) making makeup/skincare and beauty have generally become even more fun with these creative and practical techinques.

A lot of these trends were everywhere this year (2015) and just in case you are wondering which ones, refresh your memory.

1. Contouring


Contouring is essentially a way to define your facial features by casting shadows and highlights (lights) on areas of the face to give your face the most flattering as well as natural feel to it.

Though a lot of ladies went overboard with this technique, it was everywhere this year and it certainly rocked for those who have perfected it.

2. Strobing

Strobing is simply highlighting the face for a dewy and glowing effect (think more and more highlighting without contouring) for a radiant and glowing skin.

The trend was everywhere this year with ladies getting their glowing skin finish perfect! For strobing it's advisable to moisturize the skin properly before makeup application especially if you have dry skin. For oily skin, an oil-free moisturizer is perfect.


3. Baking/ Cooking

'Baking', or letting your makeup 'cook' is the hottest makeup technique although it's a term that has been used in the drag community for many years it became a thing in 2015.

4. Lip plumping /plump/ full lips

Plumped lips (usually bee stung like and full) became a huge thing in 2015 thanks to Kylie Jenner who went ahead to launch her own lip kit when the trend became a huge one.

5.  Multi-Masking


Multi- Masking was a huge beauty trend on social media. It simply involves applying more than one type of mask, usually simultaneously and on different parts of the face.

These trends were definitely everywhere this  year, which ones did you jump on?


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