5 skin infections you can get from sharing makeup products

Get to know why swapping lipsticks with another person is a big deal.

Although a group makeover can seem like fun at the time, an outbreak of pink eye or another infection is not. Diseases aren't just spread through close friends; you can also pick them up if you use the tester products at the local beauty counter. brings you 5 skin infections you can get from sharing makeup with anyone.

1.  Staph Infection


Staphylococcus epidermidis most often hides in makeup. It just takes the right conditions and the right grouping of bacteria to set an infection into motion. Sharing makeup with friends who have the epidermis in their make-up could put you at risk of having a staph infection.

2. Acne

At the very minimum, using some else’s makeup exposes your skin to their natural oils (sebum) and bacteria. When you share makeup, you are transferring these unwanted elements directly to your face, which can irritate your current acne or spawn future breakouts.

3. Eye infections


The sharing of common eye-makeup products like liquid mascara, eyeshadow, or eyeliners can result in a variety of unwanted eye infections conjunctivitis (pink eye), or warts. The skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive, making it very susceptible to infection.

4. Cold sores

Even if your friend does not have signs of sores or irritation around their lips, she could be carrying the herpes virus. Just sharing lipstick or lip gloss one time could land you a condition that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

5. Bacterial Infection


While sharing makeup is tempting, please don't apply them directly to your face. Makeup brushes are mostly not advisable if you are using someone’s own. Always use a cotton swab or other disposable tool to grab the color, rather than dipping your fingers straight in.


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