Life, the crazy roller coaster, can be very tiresome. Going round and round leaves us feeling dizzy and quite disoriented. All that unpredictability, ups and downs can really mess with someone’s mental health. 

The fact that it’s harder to tell when someone is going through emotional stress makes people pay less attention to it. Identifying the key warning signs may help you to stop, rest, and recharge. 

Sometimes all you need is old-fashioned rest to reset your mental wellbeing. It's best to seek professional help if symptoms persist.  

People experience emotional exhaustion differently but these are some of the general signs you should look out for. 

When everything irritates you

When everything irritates you When everything irritates you

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You begin to feel everything more intensely if you are emotionally exhausted. The usual jokes which used to roll off your back begin to get to you. You get angry easily and quickly. 

If you snapping at everyone and everything around you, then it’s time to take a break. Take a rest rather than try to toughen up and dealt with what is stressing you out.

When insomnia becomes your companion 

Insomia (@moneycrasherscom) Insomia (@moneycrasherscom)

Emotional and mental fatigue can cause irregular sleep patterns. This can be very frustrating especially when you can't sleep, even though you don’t want to do anything either. Either it takes you hours to fall asleep or you can’t stay asleep all night. 

When you feel sick – literally

When you feel sick When you feel sick

Sometimes you feel sick but then all medical test comes up clean. Emotional stress can manifest itself physically making you feel dizzy and nauseated. 

Others may have trouble keeping food down thus causing havoc on their digestion. Queasy or low-grade stomach ache all the time can be a signal that your body needs a break.   

When you suddenly become a cry-baby

When you are a cry-baby When you are a cry-baby

A good cry does the mind, body and soul a whole lot of good. But when those tears are drooping at the slightest provocation, there’s a possibility of a breakdown in the near future. 

Numb is the word

Numb Numb

A sense of detachment from the real world is a major red flag that your body may be shutting down. A complete zone out means all hope is lost and that is a dangerously precarious situation one can ever be. 

Not feeling anything at all is an alarming symptom of most suicidal tendencies. 

 When you become very anxious

Anxiety and panic attacks Anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks are signs that you may be emotionally and mentally burned out. This can get very scary especially if you are experiencing it daily. When you find yourself in such a position, take a deep breath, slow down and figure out what you need.