It’s a Monday morning, it's your first day at work, and the Human Resources Manager is set to familiarize you with the company and introduce you to your colleagues.

After meeting some of the the amazing people you’ll be working with, you’ll surely have to settle down and get set to convince your employers that employing you is not a mistake.

Don't forget that your first few weeks in a new job is very crucial. It's the best time you have to settle into the job and establish yourself as a diligent employee.

So, to prove to your employers that you're the right person for the job, here are three things you need to do.

Build relationships

On your first day at work, you'll definitely need the help of our colleagues to get things done (Andela)

As the new guy in the office, you’ll need to build relationship with your desk mates, team mates and everyone the HR has introduced to you because you’ll need their help to get things done.

According to Joseph Liu, career change consultant, ‘’your ability to get things done in your organization will be directly tied to the strength of your internal relationships.’’ And trust me, the earlier you start relating with your co-workers, the better you find the tasks assigned to you and the work environment.

2. Study the people and the organization

As a newbie, try to observe your fellow employees and how they relate with one another in the office. (lionessesofafrica)

When you get to a new environment, it’s important for you to observe the people and the culture of the place. The same principle applies to new employees in an organization.

As a newbie, you’ll need to study the organizational charts and internal documents that will shed light on your employer’s priorities and goals. In your first week, you’ll also need to observe daily interactions among your colleagues. How the head relates with his subordinates and vice versa. 

Studying the people and the organization will give you a better idea about how to relate with everyone and get to know who has power and influence in the organization.

3. Meet with your boss to be clear on your expectations

If you're not clear about your role or job descriptions, meet your boss..(Sbeinc)

When you applied for the job, you saw the job descriptions right? Good. The job descriptions give you the basic understanding of the job but having a meeting with your boss to ask questions about the job role will give you a much clearer understanding of what the job entails.

Ask about everything that might not be clear to you and what the boss expects from you. Understanding your boss’ expectations can boost your confidence and give you a clear sense of direction.