In case you don’t know, this is what is wrong with your CV

Read this to understand what you need to adjust in your CV.

If your CV doesn't capture the job role, you won't get called for a job interview. (Muse)

Job hunting can be a daunting experience for fresh graduates who have repeatedly been rejected by hiring managers because of major or minor mistakes in their applications. 

Some applicants don’t pay attention to their CV they are submitting for a job application, they just want to submit anything they believe qualifies as CV and except to be invited for a job interview.

If you have been submitting your CV for job applications and you’ve not been getting called for interviews, something must be seriously wrong with your CV.

Here are some reasons, why your CV has not been qualifying you for a job interview.


As a job seeker, your CV is meant to sell you not to get you ignored by employers. Before you submit your credentials to any organization, first make sure your CV aligns with the job you’re applying for by connecting it to the job.

Here’s what I mean. Link your skills the and experience in your resume to the role in the job post. To demonstrate your qualification, use the keywords and phrases in the job add and tailor them into your CV, but caution; don’t overuse it.


Some applicants believe the longer the CV, the better their chances of getting the job. If you share this sentiment, you’re wrong. An average hiring manager spends around three minutes to review a CV, they don’t have the whole day to review your three to five page CV. 

So, if you have a CV of two pages in length, it should be enough to cover your skill, experience and academic history. You don’t have to submit your biography to bore your potential employers.


Trust me, if your CV looks untidy and unstructured, hiring manager won’t think twice before they dump it in the trash can. If you want your CV to be taken seriously, avoid using long unbroken paragraphs. Try to make it easy for the hiring manager to read by breaking the information in your CV into short, sharp points by using bullets.


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