Whistleblower joins Twitter

Ex-CIA employee Edward Snowden and the first account he's decided to follow are his former employers, the NSA.

Edward Snowden

American privacy activist, Edward Snowden, finally joined Twitter on Tuesday 29th of September, and its hard to tell which is more cheeky, his first tweet or the first account he followed.

Snowden, whose account was immediately verified, followed his former employer where he was a contractor, the National Security Agency.

His first tweet read:

The man who is regarded as a hero by most, but officially a traitor by the US Government, has already garnered over 814,000 followers in less than a day of being on Twitter.


His latest tweet, which came about two hours after his first said:

Fort Meade is the address of the National Security Agency's headquarters.

Snowden, who has criminal charges to face in the US, his home country, is currently in Russia, and according to multiple news sources, is not planning on leaving any time soon.

In the United States, some people are already calling on Twitter to censor the Director of Freedom Press.

The most vocal of them so far is former New York Governor and current Republican Presidential candidate, George Pataki, took to Twitter to ask that Snowden be censored:


There has been no reaction from Snowden nor Twitter regarding this tweet.

Pataki is currently 0.6 percent in the polls.


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