Effective ways teachers can get their students to do their homework (Pulse Contributor’s Opinion)

Homework is one aspect of education students hate. To them, it is a burden and unpleasant and end up racing through it or forgetting to do it all together. Teachers give homework to reinforce what has been taught but students see otherwise. As a teacher, how can you encourage your students to take their homework seriously and do them always? Apply the steps below.

  1. Base the homework on topics treated in class: It is important to set questions based on topics you have taught. Although it is important to give research assignments, you should consider the abilities of the students. If they are matured enough to surf the web, you can give them research assignments. Imagine giving homework to class 2 pupils outside the scope of study; the pupils will not do it. So be sure to teach whatever you will assess.
  2. Reward student who complete their homework: Rewarding students who do their homework can motivate others to do. Reward can come in the form of toffee, money or extra marks. However this shouldn’t be done for a long time as the students can get used to it such that, they will stop doing the homework when the “motivation” stops.
  3. Encourage the students to ask questions: After teaching, encourage the students to ask any question that is troubling them about the topic. When they ask, take your time to go over it. You can use a different approach to explain and include a lot of relatable scenarios.
  4. Make parents aware of the homework: When students go home, they are no longer under the supervision of their teacher but parents. So it now becomes the parents’ responsibility to ensure the child does the homework. All the teacher has to do is make the parents aware that homework has been given. All parents can be made aware of the homework through social media platform groups consisting of every child’s parent 
  5. Punish homework skippers: In our parts of the world, you are permitted to punish your child for wrong-doing. The teacher can punish students who fail to do their homework. Punishment can vary from flogging (canning), deduction of marks and shaming. It will serve as deterrent for others not to copy them.

Teachers, use these procedures and make the most out of your students.

Prince Afram.

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