On his brief visit to Ghana,

The successful young executive highlighted the purpose of his visit being “…to understand the Ghanaian woman and to get a feel for the marketplace.”

Manufactured in Switzerland and prominent in Europe for nearly a decade, Makari De Suisse’s treatments are designed to address the many skin concerns caused by the overproduction of melanin and hyperpigmentation experienced by men and women of darker complexion. The line of high quality products are said to bring life to old skin.

The inspiring success stories from customers keep Makari De Suisse firm in their commitment to avoid the use of harmful chemicals such as bleach or hydroquinone. Makari’s products contain Vegeclairine – a strong anti-oxidant which fights free radicals and combats the signs of aging. This high grade botanical complex diminishes the production of melanin naturally without harmful side effects.

Sold in over fifty (50) countries worldwide, Makari De Suisse works to treat and help maintain a beautiful, clear complexion by offering a complete line of products which synergistically fulfil any beauty regimen helping to maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

Makari has revolutionised the skin care for dark skin by combining traditional Africa, pan-African and Asian remedies with modern cosmetology. Makari’s products contain natural botanic ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years to make dark skin beautiful. Makari country representative and C.E.O of Royal Body Care, Mrs Gifty Essien is excited about partnering to bring the highest and best quality products to Ghana.

Authentic Makari De Suisse products can be purchased at SIC Life Mall/Financial St., Makola, Accra.