Sacha Okoh is a certified makeup artist, part-owner of Viva Boutique, one of Ghana’s leading luxury stop and CEO of SO Aesthetic makeup, a Ghanaian owned makeup brand.

SO Aesthetic is one of the leading Ghanaian makeup brands with many awards under its belt. With an ultra-modern makeup studio located in the Greater Accra Region, its long list of clients includes Ghanaian celebrities like Jackie Appiah, Menaye Donkor, Chris Kata, Valeria Obaze among others.

What was your childhood dreams?

Interior designer or architect.

What are you doing now?

I am the CEO of Soaesthetic Makeup brand and co-founder of Viva Boutique which was established 30 years ago by my mother providing luxury , western brand and in the last year, we have introduced a Viva Concept shop stocked with local brands for the African woman.

Why soaesthetic?

SO is my initials; Sacha Okoh. I have always loved makeup. When I started there was nothing like this in Ghana. That is why Soaesthetic started.

Is your makeup brand specially manufactured for the African woman?

Of course, it’s made for the African woman. It’s made for everybody just that when it comes to the powders, the powers are targeted for the dark skin. When you visit the shop, you can use mascaras and lipsticks for every skin type.

In your opinion, are makeup artistes gaining the recognition they deserve?

I think this 21 century yes they are. It has taken time but eventually. When I started we had no acknowledgement. Big ups to makeup Ghana, big ups to Hibs Africa and to anybody creating that platform to create that awareness for makeup artist and to Glitz Africa for awarding Makeup artiste of the year. It gives people something to work towards.

Awards and publicity? Has it helped to push the brand?

Honestly, it didn’t jump on the wagon for awards but I think every form of publicity is great.

Is it advisable to apply makeup daily?

Honestly speaking, I don’t wear makeup everyday. But yes, it depends on the type of makeup you are wearing, the skin type you have. Sometimes, your skin needs to breathe, making sure that your skin is well-taken care off. It is not just about wearing makeup, it is how to take care of it after taking off your makeup. Also, it depends on your lifestyle. There is nothing like having a nice polished refined face. It’s all about you. You are your brand. It is really important to brand yourself properly. Invest in yourself.

Does wearing makeup consistently for example 5 years have any effects?

It covers your blemishes. It makes you confident. It’s great. I love makeup. It’s put colour into your life.

List essential products every woman needs for a quick fix?

Skincare; Cleanser, toner and moisturizer. For makeup; good foundation or powder you don’t have to wear both. Nice lipstick, do your brows. It just brightens your face.

In three words define beauty?

Beauty is your identity.

How do you keep your skin flawless?

I eat well. Eat good, I drink a lot and use great products.

What are your plans for Ghanaian makeup industry forward?

Yes, but I will keep it a secret.

Why did you venture into fashion?

Fashion is a very area in business because it evolves every 3 months. So whatever stock you have to manage and create brand awareness to push the brand, sell and replenish. These aspects are quite hard. Now, there is a whole new generation; Instagram and PR. Social media which I am learning about it. It is a great platform to sell anything from health to food to fashion to beauty.

Define fashion?

Alot of people think fashion is when you dress extravagant or wear labels or you dress oddly then you are fashionable. Once you are wearing clothes, it's all part of fashion. Fashion is very lucrative and it defines you are a person. You can read through someone by how they are by what they are dressed.

How does it feel to style celebrities like Samira Bawumia?

It’s rewarding. I enjoy it. It’s good.

Name 3 fashion icons in Ghana

My mother, Audrey and our Second Lady of Ghana and of course the First Lady.

 What are the basic two things do you consider before styling your clients.

Listening to them; what they want. It’s not about me and bringing out the best out of them.

 Differentiate between showing skin and being stylish?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What I like might not be what you like. Just look decent and nice.

Name top three Ghanaian designers.

Christie Brown, Ophelia Crossland and Pistis.

Name three favourite fashion accessories and why?

Locally, I will choose Velma accessories.

Home remedies or cosmetic products?

Home remedies because it's organic.