7 photos that prove Sandra Ankobiah is the ultimate fashion girl for dates

We would be taking a cue from Sandra Ankobiah on how to perfectly dress for a date.

Sandra Ankobiah

Dinner dates are haute cuisine. The ambience is fancy. The food is expensive, you get all dolled up for it. You must dress the part.

Extra is a character that has been infused into fashion as different trends evolve through the years and date night outfits are one way you can use to demonstrate this character.

While complimenting your personal style in a sexy way, a date night dress is one that would fit perfectly. From accentuating your curves to giving that refined touch, this fashion trend is one you shouldn't neglect.

Quite a number of celebrities have been able to pull off such dresses like a pro and we're excited to share the ones we spotted on Ghanaian lawyer, Sandra Ankobiah. One thing is for sure, Sandra does not play around with her looks, especially on the gram.


Sandra's fashion sense has evolved and she sets the trend for many young people.

Aside from her beautiful outfit ideas she serves us at various events, she sure knows how to look good in chic outfits. The fashionista is not only endowed with an amazing body, with curves in the right places, but she also has a great sense of style.

Sandra knows just the outfit that shows off her body to its best advantage and how to rock them well.

It’s no news that the fashion world keeps evolving and fashionistas are changing the status quo.

The lawyer cum fashionista has proved over the years that she is a great woman who understands fashion and how to dress effortlessly for any event.


Whether she is attending a red carpet event, attending an interview or going on a casual star-studded event, Benedicta always takes sartorial risks and always pulls it off beautifully. She is redefining style and fashion for upcoming celebrities through her daily sartorial choices. Many try but they are unable to fit the list of best-dressed celebrities on the red carpet.

In her latest posts, the style icon is rewriting her own fashion rules and we are glued to her page for the next post.

Here are a few ways to dazzle your date like a pro inspired by Sandra Ankobiah. These give her a classy look and we can't help but acknowledge her expertise.

Check the photos below:


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