Paris fashion week is currently on going and some of our international favorite stars such as Michael B. Jordan and Lewis Hamilton have been spotted at various fashion shows. For Nigeria, we have Denola Grey and Zina Anumudu representing us.

Denola Grey is a fast rising fashion consultant and personality, while Zina Anumudu is a fashion media personality and writer and they are both in Paris right now on vacation and for Paris fashion week.

Thanks to the #ispotZippy campaign, created by courier service, Zippy, the two style stars were able to vacation in Paris.

The campaign was created to appreciate Zippy customers. The Idea was to spot a bike or a Zippy Agent, take a picture, post it on Instagram and win a gift!  They gave out fantastic prizes for 150 winners which included two tickets to Paris, London and New York.

So far, we’ve seen Denola is some dapper modern pieces and ensemble by Orange culture and Zina is some sophisticated Valentino. We await more from the style duo.

Check out their vacation so far and let us know what you think below.