When it comes to menswear clothing and corporate looks, no one does it like Mai Atafo. The super talented designer has been at the suit game for quite a while now, making wedding and red carpet dreams come true.

Last night was no different as Mai ended day three of the fashion week with a spectacular show, displaying his new corporate men and women clothing line, complete with a violinist to bring the show to life.

The collection consisted of single and double-breasted suits, ranging from blue and green plaids, and a tuxedo set in black and ultra luxurious blue and green lace materials.

The ladies weren’t left out as they were dressed in powerful attires of different styles, from suit dresses to cropped pants and everything in between, the ladies were not to be messed with.

With this new line of clothing, I foresee a future with a lot of grooms and celebrities calling Mai Atafo, especially with the upcoming award season.