Here’s what to know when it comes to anklet etiquette

Keep your misgivings to yourself. This is for all anklet lovers on how to rock those beautiful pieces on their delicate ankles. 


Ankle bracelets fondly called anklets is a mysterious body accessory which has inspired many myths and debates for centuries. But as a fashion accessory, anklets are one of the most beautiful things a woman can use to complete her outfit. 

But to avoid appearing tacky or inappropriate be sure to follow these simple rules when it comes to wearing anklets on your feet. 

Make sure your anklets reflect your personal style. For instance, older women would prefer to go for a simple thin metal chain whilst youthful colourful beading would appeal to someone under 18. Other may go for anklets adorned with hanging tassels for a more Caribbean look or a basic bejewelled option in a smart fashion setting. 

Anklets can be worn on either leg. And no, there’s no underlying message to which leg you choose to wear it. Right, left or both, clasp those anklets around until your spirit cautions you to stop – lol. 

Whether loose or snug, you choose how to wear your anklet. There’s no perfect wear to rock your delicate pieces on your ankles. 

The setting is very important when choosing an anklet if you don’t want to appear tacky. Anklets with little bells that make noise would be very inappropriate for a quiet place. 

Anklets are supposed to complement your shoes and not clash with them. Make sure to pair them with some killer shoes whilst you are at it. 

Always wear your anklet on bare legs and don’t forget to wear your anklet with pride!

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