Meet the gorgeous amputee model encouraging people to love their bodies

Disability is not inability

Marsha was born with proximal femoral focal deficiency - a rare condition that affects the pelvis and causes the leg to underdevelop. At age 5, she got her first prosthesis but was always afraid of being judged and bullied by kids who would make fun of her limp and call her names, which made her resort to wearing baggy clothes or pants underneath her dresses to hide her leg.

When she joined middle school, her leg was amputated and while her 'new leg' gave her more mobility as this was the first time ever that she could bend her knee, it took a lot to get used to it. Marsha found solace in music whenever she needed to feel better and attributes that as the reason why she fell in love with music. At 16, she attended a summer camp for teenage amputees which was her turning point. Seeing other people who are just like her and hearing their stories sort of gave her a sense of belonging and a feeling that she was not alone. Having seen others like herself overcome their fears gave her confidence and from then on, she decided to embrace her body and help others do the same.

At 23, Marsha, who was always afraid of showing her leg wore her first pair of shorts and in 2017, she decided to have a photo shoot. The result? Stunning images that received so much positive feedback from people across the world including Jada Pinkette who shared one of her photos, captioning it a simple "Beauty". After that, Marsha gained a huge following on Instagram and subsequently, other social media platforms. Now, at just 25, Marsha is at the forefront of spreading body positivity by encouraging and inspiring hundreds of people to embrace self-love. The gorgeous lady is juggling that with a booming music and modeling career and it's quite inspiring.

Check out her stunning photos:

You can follow more of her inspiring journey on her Instagram.


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