The Queen sat for exclusive photos which was shot by Vanity Fair contributing, Annie Lebovitz at the Windsor Castle to mark her 90 birthday. The Queen wore Gucci loafers and her signature lipstick and channeled blue in the whole outfit whiles posing with her lovely dog.

The Queen has had the corgis since 1949 and created the “dorgis”, a cross breed of a corgis and a dachshund that belonged to her sister. The Queen has however ceased to breed them after her Mum passed away.

Lebovitz says “The most moving, important thing about this shoot is that these were all her ideas.” He added that “She wanted to be photographed with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren; her husband, ; her daughter, ; and her corgis. I was told how relaxed she was at Windsor, and it was really true. You get the sense of how at peace she was with herself, and very much enthralled with her family.”

The new issue is out on news stand today & on iPhone, Kindle & other devices. This is the second time a member of the royal family is going on the cover of a magazine after the Duchess of Cambridge covered the April issue of the British Vogue.

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