Toosweet shuts it down with this blonde look

Toosweet Annan isn’t leaving any style tip untouched, it’s in the details and we love to see it.

Toosweet Annan

Being stylish or seen as one wasn’t a ‘thing’ for most men but in recent times it’s been such a delight to see.

Ghanaian actor, Toosweet Annan is the ideal clothes horse. He's got the build and the class to carry off any outfit, no matter how out there it is.

He wears almost every piece of clothing well like it was made specially for him, hence, why many designers clamour to have him wear one of their pieces.

His style is extremely versatile with the charming host being able to swing effortlessly between traditional, casual, high-fashion and suited and booted.

He’s amongst the few hot male celebrities who get your attention every time with their style.

In a series of photos posted on his Instagram page, Toosweet was captured in white Jalabiya. He paired his looks with accessories and sunglasses.

What makes his look outstanding is his surprise blonde look that complemented his outfit.

Going all stylish, the fashionista has changed his black look to a blonde look and he is stepping out so confident in it.

He captioned his post, "Always Let Your Energy Introduce You Before You Even Speak."


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