Plus-size women having been protesting against lingerie giant Victoria Secrete over its lack of inclusiveness.

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The show was marred with controversy after chief marketing officer Ed Razek dismissed calls for the inclusion of plus-size and trans models - remarks he later retracted, issuing an apology.

The fashion giant faced a backlash for its 2017 #whatissexy list that included mostly white people.

Protesters want Victoria's Secret to ditch its outdated beliefs that only tall, bony models can don their bras, panties and tacky angel wings.

The diverse group of women - including one with a stoma bag - braved the plummeting temperatures donned in crop tops and knickers, in a bid to raise awareness of the lack of diversity in the fashion industry.

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Their placard read: "Embracing everybody type," "We want diversity for all" and "Fallenangels."