Banku and Tilapia are also served best with hot pepper sauce, sliced onion and tomatoes. Pepper, onions, tomatoes are the trinity of most dishes and as such it very economical to buy them in bulk to save time.

Storing tomatoes at room temperature preserves the colour and texture but it goes bad after a few days.

How best can you save money and also store tomatoes properly to add colour and flavour to your cuisine? Read this article below:

  • Tomato puree

This is one of the easiest ways to store tomatoes for a long time. Simply chop the tomatoes, boil for 5-10 minutes and blend until smooth. Pass through a colander and transfer to a clean bowl and set aside for an hour and freeze.

  • Canning

Canning tomatoes is ideal for families who buy in large quantities due to its durability. After going through the process of tomato puree, you boil water and sterilize the jars or containers and their lids.

Depending on the size of the jar, put citric acid or lemon juice in each of them. Heat the puree and transfer to the jar leaving about 1/2-inch head-space at the top of the jar.

  • Freezing tomatoes

Freezing tomatoes is a 3-minute chore. Wash the tomatoes and transfer into a sealable bag, put into the freezer and defrost when you are ready to use. 

  • Oven dried tomatoes

These oven-dried tomatoes aren't so dried out that they'll keep forever, but if you put them in a jar and cover them with olive oil and pop them in the fridge, they'll last a nice long time indeed. Then pull them out to chop and add to winter salads, pasta, stews, or even roasts.