5 foods to keep you warm at work in this cold weather

Here are cold-weather foods to regulate your body temperature.

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Chilly weather affects more than just your wardrobe.  One might have to change their menu and opt for equally sumptuous meals that will keep them warm and raise energy levels.

To keep yourself warm during this cold season there are some foods you can order or prepare to regulate the body temperature.


They are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, potassium and some iron. Sweet potatoes are also good at fighting cancer. All you need to prepare is to boil, roast or fry depending on what you want. 

Vitamin b3 helps regulate blood flow, which is key to keeping your body temperature up. One serving of peanuts packs more than 80 per cent of your daily vitamin b3 value.


If you're constantly bemoaning your cold hands and feet, try eating more iron-rich foods. The mineral can be warming, and it's more prevalent in things like beef and chicken.

Ginger is known to be a superfood that contains thermogenic properties that keep the body warm. It is said to improve circulation and dispel internal cold as it increases the Yang energy in the body while normalizing digestion and promoting blood flow. To prepare a steaming cup, boil water, ground ginger or ginger root together with milk and tea leaves which is optional then let it cool and enjoy. Alternatively, you can boil water with ginger then once cool, add lemon and honey to taste.


It's not just the fact that you're drinking a steaming cup of joe. Caffeine stimulates your metabolism, causing your body to burn fuel and warm up.


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