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DIY Recipes: How to make Agbeli/Bankye Kaklo (Cassava Croquettes)

October 12th 2021, 1:18:10 pm

Agbeli/Bankye Kaklo is a crunchy savoury snack.

Agbeli/Bankye Kaklo (Cassava Croquettes)

The recipe is very simple and has minimal ingredients, yet very tasty.


Cassava - 2-3 Medium size

Onion – 1 Medium size

Green Chilly - 1-2

Cooking oil

Salt as per taste

Fresh coconut, sliced or grated into thin shavings


Wash and peel the cassava, cut each down the middle lengthwise so that you can remove the stalky thread running through it, cut them into big chunks. Grate the cassava finely.

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Place the grated cassava in a sieve and rinse thoroughly in cold water to remove the starch. Leave to drain. Now place the grated cassava in a muslin cloth and squeeze out all the starch. Leave to air-dry a little on a plate (this step is optional)

In a bowl, add the dried cassava, onion, green chillies chopped and salt. Mix well and make a tight ball by pressing firmly to keep them bound together. (Refer Picture)

Deep fry the balls on moderate heat, turning them intermittently to evenly cook them. Fry until golden brown. Strain off excess oil.

Agbeli Kaklo is served hot with dried coconut.


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