10 donuts we'd love to try from around the world

These 10 donuts from different countries in the world give a whole new meaning to donut toppings making use of a variety of ingredients we normally won't think of.


We love donuts about as much as famed movie 'cat-racter', Garfield, (and possibly more!)

Round, fluffy and super sweet, they make for the perfect snack. But ever imagined donuts with cheese toppings, for instance?

Check them out.

1. Black Cheese Donut

Found in: Indonesia

This is a chocolate-frosted yeast donut rolled in vanilla crème and shredded Parmesan cheese.

2. Mango Pudding Donut

Found in: China

If you thought cheese in donut was off the grid, the Mango Pudding donut sees a traditional glazed donut dipped in rich a mango pudding.

3. Butter Almond Donut

Found in: China

Cross between cake and donut, it is coated in sweet vanilla cream and showered in toasted almonds

4. Date Donut

Found in: United Arab Emirates

This is a yeast donut covered in either vanilla or chocolate icing and then drizzled in date syrup.

5. Delirium Donut

Found in: Peru

Ever entertained the thought of a yeast donut? This is it right here, it is filled with manjar blanco (a custard the resembles dulce de leche) and topped with chocolate icing, pecans, and caramel.

6. Emerald Custard Donut

Found in: Thailand

Just when we though things couldn't get any more adventurous, this yeast donut is filled with custard made from earthy yet sweet pandan, a popular herb found in many Thai desserts and drinks.

7. Mozart Donut

Found in: Bulgaria

Another yeast donut, this is filled with chocolate frosting then decorated with nougat icing and chocolate.

8. Pistashio Rainbow Donut

Found in: Peru

This donut is smothered in pistachio icing and finished with bright rainbow sprinkles.

9. Pork Floss Donut

Found in: China

Now this definitely redefines things, flour meats pork as this yeast donut is covered in dried pork and sometimes paired with dried seaweed crumbles.

10. Smiley Face Donut

Found in: Peru, UK, select US locations

This is a classic yeast donut which is given the emoji treatment with bright yellow frosting, winky eyes, and red-hot lips. Inside, the fillings range from jelly to Bavarian cream and chocolate.

So, which would you like to try the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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