Gain weight in the right places with this delicious mashed kenkey recipe

Gaining weight healthily and deliciously is possible with the right ingredients and recipes.


If you're looking for a tasty and nutritious option, look no further than the mashed kenkey (Mashke) recipe.

Combining the rich and filling Kenkey with the creaminess of soy milk, the sweetness of bananas, and a touch of sugar, this is not only a treat for your taste buds but also a fantastic way to add some healthy pounds to your frame.


1. Kenkey: 2-3 pieces, depending on size


2. Soy milk (or any milk of your choice): 1 cup

3. Sugar: 2 tablespoons (adjust according to taste)

4 Banana: 1 ripe banana

5. Water: As needed

6 Roasted groundnut



Step 1: Prepare the kenkey Begin by cutting the Kenkey into smaller, more manageable pieces. This traditional fermented corn dish is a staple in many West African diets and adds a unique texture and flavor to our weight-gaining mashke.

Step 2: Gather your ingredients Collect your soy milk, sugar, ripe banana, and water. The soy milk provides a creamy base, the banana adds natural sweetness and thickness, and sugar enhances the overall flavor.

Step 3: Load the blender Place the cut Kenkey pieces into a blender. Add the soy milk, ripe banana, and sugar to the mix. This combination ensures a smooth texture and a balanced flavor profile.

Step 4: Blend until smooth Start the blender on a low setting and gradually increase the speed. Blend until the mixture reaches a smooth consistency. If it appears too thick, add water gradually until you achieve your desired thickness. The goal is a velvety, pourable mashke.


Step 5: Taste and adjust Pause and taste your creation. Adjust the sweetness or thickness by adding more sugar or water as needed. Remember, the goal is to create a mashke that suits your preferences.

Step 6: Pour and serve Once you achieve the perfect consistency, pour your Kenkey Mashke into a glass or bowl. The smooth blend of Kenkey, soy milk, and banana creates a delightful drink that's not only rich in flavor but also in nutrients. Add your groundnut and enjoy.

Step 7: Enjoy as a snack or meal supplement Whether you're looking for a satisfying snack or a supplement to your regular meals, this Kenkey Mashke is versatile.

It provides a healthy combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and essential vitamins to support your weight gain goals.

Incorporating the Kenkey Mashke into your diet is a delightful way to add healthy weight.


With the wholesome goodness of Kenkey, the nutritional boost from soy milk, and the natural sweetness of bananas, this recipe is a win-win for both your taste buds and your weight gain journey.

Experiment with the ratios to suit your taste, and savor the goodness of this unique and nutritious mashke.


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