Health monitoring with Redbird

Within the age of the ever-growing and intensive dynamic lifestyle of most Ghanaians, Health Monitoring may be considered a luxury.

Health monitoring with Redbird

This specific luxury can only be afforded with time. That is, to receive the required and frequent Health Monitoring for acute and chronic conditions, one often has to halt a full day’s worth of regular productivity such as missing a significant part of a workday. The resolve for this ongoing issue is to deliver Health Monitoring services that will cater for the lack of time with convenient and accessible services.

Redbird within Ghana provides this resolve by partnering with neighborhood pharmacies to provide convenient and proven rapid test technology —a service that helps Ghanaians afford the luxury of time while carrying on with their busy lives and responsibly monitoring their health.

Due to the effectiveness of Redbird’s innovative service, it has generated over 300,000 health insights; partnered with over 530 pharmacies; registered over 56,000 patients. Pharmacies are key components of the Redbird structure that bridge the gap between convenient Health Monitoring services and Ghanaians.

Community pharmacies already serve as emergency healthcare points saving patients from queuing in hospitals for the same required services that can be rendered by pharmacists. To access the Redbird pioneering services, one simply has to contact Redbird via their website at to find a nearby pharmacy. The sign-up process for stakeholders is void of the arduous processes that are common with the sign-ups for healthcare services.

Health Monitoring is a vital healthcare service, especially for persons with acute and chronic conditions. With regard to the fast-paced and time-strained lifestyle of most Ghanaians, it becomes necessary to offer and deliver Health Monitoring services to stakeholders while resolving the issue of inconvenience and inaccessibility.

Redbird is able to reconcile this situation by offering its services at pharmacies which serve as vantage points to deliver accessible, convenient, and innovative Health Monitoring tests and services.

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