How to clean your mirrors and make them shiny using powder

Tired of looking in a mirror that's more foggy than your morning brain?

How to clean your mirrors with powder[Freepik]

Let's make those mirrors sparkle with something you've already got at home – powder!

Powder power yes; you heard it right! That regular talcum powder in your bathroom is your new cleaning buddy. Forget those pricey cleaners. Powder is cheap, and let's be honest, it's probably just sitting there in your drawer.

Step 1: The dust dances first off; grab a dry cloth and gently wipe off the dust. It's like prepping your canvas before you paint your masterpiece – but with less mess and no fancy overalls needed.

Step 2: Sprinkle and rub next; sprinkle some powder onto the mirror. Think of it like seasoning your favorite dish, but please, don't get too excited and turn your bathroom into a winter wonderland.


Step 3: Circular magic; Now, grab a clean, dry cloth and start rubbing in circular motions. It's like you're a DJ spinning track, but instead of music, you're playing the shiny mirror game.

Step 4: The grand reveal; Finally, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away any leftover powder. Voila! Your mirror is now so shiny, you'll need sunglasses just to brush your teeth.

There you have it – a mirror so clean and shiny, you’ll be taking selfies with it. And the best part? It’s easy and cheap, and you do it all by yourself with just some powder.

Go ahead, give yourself a high-five in your newly cleaned mirror.


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