19 year old Briana Donis, has an extremely rare (and deadly) disease called aplastic anemia: she has had an unsuccessful bone marrow transplant, currently has no white blood cells in her body, and has been forced to live in isolation because her immune system is so weak.

The amazing part of it all is that Briana doesn't let the world define her by any of those things. She chooses to inspire people through her IG account by sharing something with them every single day: yoga. This strong teenager posts a photo of herself doing a different yoga pose every day — despite doctors' orders — accompanied by an inspiring caption.

She tells BuzzFeed Life in an interview, "I like yoga because it challenges the inner me and the physical me. I started it because it was a challenge that I knew if I put my mind to it, I could do it. It wasn't the kind of exercise I was used to. It was more personal. It was my own journey and not just a physical one."

As can be seen from her smiling photos, Briana hasn't stopped fighting. She has a second bone marrow transplant scheduled later this month as her family continues to raise funds to go toward the costs associated with Briana's care.

Now you know you really do not have an excuse for not keeping fit.